Newsletter for Friday August 22, 2014

Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market is now on its summer schedule, which means market is held every Friday from 3:00 until 7:00 P.M. at the market's year-round location at Cheviot United Methodist Church 3820 Westwood Northern Blvd.  45211.  Now you can shop in cool comfort because the market is located inside.  The indoor location is usually right inside the front entrance of the church, but this could vary depending on other activities taking place at the church.  Follow the happy voices and you'll find us.

Rose-A-Lee Design

She's back for a repeat performance!  For those who might have missed market the day Lee Rose brought her treadle sewing machine and beautiful hand-crafted items, don't despair because you will be able to catch her this week.  Lee will be demonstrating a quilt project that she informs us can be made by people who have no prior knowledge of quilting.  In her own words:
Do you have a t-shirt for every event you have attended and don't really know what to do with them?  Would you like them made into a memory quit, but don't really quilt?  Come on August 22nd and I will show you an easy way to make your memory quilt.  Even if you do not sew very much, you can make this quilt!!
If you're not quite comfortable making the t-shirt quilt yourself, Lee will be happy to take on the job for you.  When you stop by her booth at market this Friday you can view  -  and purchase  -   her handiwork.  Also, if you have a special occasion coming up and need an extra special outfit, or gift, Lee fills special orders with delight.  If you missed our previous article about Lee, you may view it here

  • Market Location:  this week market will be held in the church's fellowship hall.  Park in the back, enter through the back door, follow the happy voices and you'll find us.  
  • Some customers have asked if we will be having market on Friday August 29 (Labor Day weekend).  The answer is yes, we will have market August 29.



A Series That Takes the Mystery Out of Eating Local

Although this series has already begun, it's not too late to attend the remaining sessions, as each session is stand alone.

When: Tuesdays July 29, August 26, September 30, October 28   


Where: Cheviot United Methodist Church

3820 Westwood Northern Blvd. 45211

Cost: $10 (free) per session**, $30 (free) for series**

Student rate; $5 (free) per session**, $15 (free) for series**

Presented by Learning to Live Sustainably,

with support from Lettuce Eat Well Farmers’ Market

Click image to enlarge
*We encourage participants to attend all four sessions; nevertheless, each session is stand alone and participants may pick and choose which sessions they wish to attend.  Sessions 1 & 2 cover the Whys.  Sessions 3 & 4 cover the Hows.  

**The sessions are essentially free because each participant will receive 10, 30, 5, or 15 free Market Bucks, redeemable at any vendor booth at Lettuce Eat Well Farmers’ Market.

Thanks to the folks at Cheviot UMC for allowing the program to be held at their church.

To RSVP or for further information, call (513) 481-1914 or email

While some of you are long-time readers of the newsletter, people who are new to the market are reading the newsletter for the first time; therefore, the Reminders section is included each week so new folks can see what's happening around the market and around town.

Our Produce & Plant Vendors are currently bringing an array of summer season produce.  When they know in advance what they will be harvesting they let us know so we can let you know.  If the notice is too late to get in the weekly newsletter we will post it on the market's Facebook page here.

Sometimes Mother Nature's harvest cannot be perfectly timed, so come to market ready to be pleasantly surprised to see what each of the vendors have gleaned from their labors in the fields.  Rather than create your menu and then come to market, come to market and create your menu around what the vendors have to offer that week.  And remember, all produce sold at LEWFM is grown using no synthetic chemicals, and eggs and meats are from pastured livestock who receive NO gmo and NO soy.




Would you like to save $$$ on your food purchases while not compromising on quality?  We thought your answer would be yes, so we devised a way for you to accomplish this.  During the summer market season, a number of our vendors will be participating in Pre-order and Save $$$.  Following are examples of the promotions that two vendors will be offering:  Angelia’s Homemade Pies (& more) will be offering a 10% discount on all pre-ordered baked goods.  Learning to Live Sustainably (L2LS):  After customers have pre-ordered a total of 12 loaves of bread they will receive their 13th loaf free.

As if Saving $$$ isn't enough, Pre-ordering has additional bonuses for both customers and vendors.  When you pre-order your items you are ensured that your favorite foods will not be sold out before you arrive at market.  Additionally, pre-ordering cuts down on waste of perishable foods.  When you let your favorite vendors know in advance what items you want to purchase, the vendors can then produce/harvest the quantities needed to supply their customers.  Furthermore, our already-overly-busy vendors can use their time to make what their customers most want.  Stop by your favorite vendors' booths to inquire about how to Pre-order and Save $$$.  

As more vendors become involved in the Pre-order and Save $$$ promos we will highlight them in future newsletters. You can also see up-to-the-minute news on the market's Facebook page 


For a full listing of our vendors, their products, and services including:
  • Kids & Krafts (available starting at about 4:15), where the kids can have loads of fun so you can leisurely shop the market
  • Many food and non-food items
  • and a list of vendors who accept credit cards
Check out our Vendors.


While we would like to take credit for the following Bright Idea, alas we can't.  This Bright Idea was submitted by Kerry Wood, Pastor of Cheviot United Methodist Church.  For his Bright Idea Kerry will receive five Market Bucks, which he can spend at any of the vendor booths.  If you would like to receive free Market Bucks, email us your Bright Idea and if it is chosen for inclusion in the newsletter you, too, will receive five Market Bucks.  Email your Bright Idea to

Barters' Corner  Do you have a skill or talent that you could teach to others?  Perhaps you know how to grow your own food, or how to preserve the abundance of summer produce and could share that knowledge with others.  Maybe you have extra gardening tools, or canning or other food related equipment you are willing to share.  You can put your skills and/or unused equipment to good use by bartering with others who want what you have and have what you want.  

If you wish to participate in the Barters' Corner email us at 


Following are previous submissions to the Barters' Corner:

My passion in life is sustainable living which includes gardening, homesteading etc. So I have been learning tons about that. I know how to fix computers and have worked in the IT field for years.   As for what I need, anything to do with gardening and homesteading.

Would anyone be interested in bartering for Acupuncture or medical massage?
I love gardening and teaching people how to become urban gardeners.  I grow typical vegetables like tomatoes and peppers but also corn and mushrooms.  I also grow medicinal herbs such as yarrow, horehound and toothache plant.  I know how to water bath can and pressure can.  My boyfriend also does silver smelting. We would love to learn to become more energy self sufficient. Also, I have an up coming business venture that I think will greatly benefit the local farmers' markets. I'm planning on opening a incubator kitchen for individuals to rent so they can sell their items at local markets. 

These sound like great opportunities for folks to connect with one another and share skills.  If you would like to connect with and of these people you may email us and we will forward your info.  Or if you have other skills or items you would like to barter, email us and we will add you to our Barters' Corner.  Email us at


WANTED:  VOLUNTEERS.  We're always looking for volunteers!  If you're available to lend a hand at the Market any time between 1:30pm and 7:30pm on Fridays, or during the week for more behind the scenes activities, check out the link below to contact us!  Our greatest need is help with set up from 1:30 until 3:00 and take down from 7:00 until 7:30.

VENDORSWe currently have openings for a meat vendor, produce vendors, and vendors offering value added items.  If you are interested or know someone who might be, you may email us through the link below. 

Vendors/Volunteers Click Here!

Please share this newsletter with friends and family to help spread the word about LEWFM!

We hope to see you real soon at Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market!