Newsletter for Friday November 20, 2015

Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market is held year-round at Cheviot United Methodist Church 3820 Westwood Northern Blvd. 45211.  The market is usually held in the church's Werner Lounge.  Follow the sign that says OFFICES and we will be right inside that entrance.  Please note that this location could vary depending on other activities taking place at the church.  Follow the happy voices and you'll find us.  

We are now on our Winter Market schedule:  Fridays 3:30 - 6:30 P.M.  Please see Previously Announced section for dates of the Winter Market.

Jack in the Beanstalk Turnips?  
Well not really, but they are nearly that big as evidenced by the picture.  It's quite a sight
Click image to enlarge
at market when Linda of Honey Tree Acres comes walking in carrying turnips with greens that are nearly as long as she is tall.  And because the greens are entirely edible, you really get a lot for your money.  Imagine chopping them, along with some potatoes, onions, celery leaf (all of which are available at our market) and making a nice creamy soup to serve for supper on a chilly evening.  Serve with some Sixteen Bricks Artisan Bakehouse Breads and you're sure to please everyone.  Of course, you could complete the meal with dessert from Jenny the Pie & Much More Lady and a cup of hot tea from Green GRRRL Wisdom.  Ahh, life is grand!

Plethora of Produce
The awesome Indian Summer, along with the farmers' greenhouses, is providing us with a plethora of produce.  We're also seeing some new root veggies.  At market last week we were pleasantly surprised when John Small, of Small Acres Family Farm, brought sweet potatoes.  We knew John would be bringing his 100% grass fed beef, but the sweet potatoes were an unexpected bonus.  Think candied sweet potatoes, but instead of using sugar consider using local honey, which of course is sold at our market.  John said he plans to have the sweet potatoes again this week, along with his 100% grass fed beef, of course.  He indicated that he might be bringing some other fun food items, so be sure to check out what he has in store for us each week.  See Previously Announced section for more info about Small Acres Family Farm.    

Remember to double your purchases this week because we will not have market the following Friday Nov. 27.  We will  return on Dec. 4.  For all the Winter Market dates and details please see the Previously Announced section.


Some of you are long-time readers of the newsletter; others are new to the market and are reading the newsletter for the first time.  This section is included each week to bring your attention to important happenings around the market and around town. 

The remaining dates for the Winter Market are November 20, December 4, 11, 18. January 8 and 22, February 5 and 19, March 4 and 18, April 1, 15, and 29.  

All vendors will be at market on the above dates except Mahlon.  Mahlon and his pastured pork will be at market on the following dates:  Dec. 18, Jan. 8, Feb. 5, March 4, April 1. 

Other pertinent information:  We will continue with our very successful pre-order program (more details below).  A plethora of produce is expected throughout the Winter Market thanks to our farmers who make use of their greenhouses.  Our vendors will be adding new items throughout the winter, so stay tuned for all the yummy updates.


Please help us spread the word about a
A view of the Suhre Family Farm
family farm that will be offered for auction soon.  Marilyn Suhre Wilson, one of our customers, and her siblings will be selling part of their family's farm, located in nearby Brookville, Indiana, at auction on December 5.  It is crucial that we help them sell it to someone who will farm the land in a sustainable way.

It is imperative that we act swiftly to ensure this land goes to a person who will protect and preserve it, utilizing it in a way that will enhance, rather than destroy, environmental diversity and sustainability.  As Dan Barber, chef and author, says, "Our job isn't just to support the farmer; it's really to support the land that supports the farmer."  The American Farmland Trust, whose mission is to "protect farmland, promote sound farming practices, and keep farmers on the land," says that "over 50 acres of U.S. farm and ranch land are lost every hour.  We can't live without the land that grows our food.  We must act now." 

We each can act now to help keep the Suhre Family Farm as a farm.  Forward this information to all your contacts.  Post it on all your social media sites.  Someone you know knows someone who knows the person or people who want to farm the Suhre Family Farm in a sustainable way.  Imagine: this land could be part of the future of our market.  As the market grows we might need an additional farmer to provide quality food for us.  Or, imagine: the land could be turned into yet another housing development, resulting in the land's growing potential being lost forever.  We each can take part in helping determine the outcome.  

Detailed information about the farm and auction can be found on the Suhre Family Farm website      

You may also contact Marilyn Suhre Wilson at (513) 258-5478 or


At Small Acres Family Farm we are passionate about providing fresh, healthy, local,
Click image to enlarge
and all natural beef to you and 
your family. Our grass fed beef is hormone free, antibiotic free, and humanely raised. Our happy cattle are provided rotational grazing, which means they get fresh new grass to munch on every day.

Here are a few facts about why grass fed beef is better:
1. There are higher levels of Omega 3's, more vitamins A and E, and more antioxidants found in grass fed beef.
2. Grass fed beef is lower in saturated fats.
3. There is twice as much CLA in grass fed versus corn fed.
4. The quality of the animal's life is improved... The cattle spend their days in nice open fields instead of confined to a feed lot.
5. It's better for the environment! It takes less fossil fuel to produce a grass fed cow... All they need is fresh green grass!
Our family farm is a happy farm, and a happy farm = a healthy you:)
♥- Small Acres Family Farm


Jenny will have persimmons and baked goods made with persimmons again this week.  She has been harvesting lots of persimmons, and making them into some yummy baked goods for you.  Persimmon baked goods is a first at our market, and will be available only until the persimmons are available.  Then we will have to wait until they reappear next year.  In addition to the baked goods made with persimmons, Jenny plans to also bring persimmons for you to purchase to eat or to use in your favorite recipe.  


Linda, of Honey Tree Acres, continues to bring beautiful mums to our market.  She has added two new colors to the lineup: red mums and purple mums, along with the other colors she has been bringing.  They grow the mums themselves from plugs they purchased earlier in the year.  Linda informed us that if customers plant the mums before the ground freezes and the mums have a chance to take root they should return again next year.  Wow, double bang for your buck.  


Pre-ordering Pays Off
Have you ever arrived at market to purchase your favorite item/s from your favorite vendor/s only to be disappointed because the vendor/s sold out of the item/s?  Did you know that no longer has to happen?  At LEWFM you can pre-order your items and pick them up any time during regular market hours.  Pre-ordering not only pays off for you, it also helps the vendors know how much to prepare/harvest, which greatly reduces waste.  Pre-ordering is a real win-win for all, and it only takes a few minutes of your time to plan ahead and place your order.  Given the importance of Eating Well, getting into the habit of placing your pre-orders each week will likely become a high priority on your weekly To Do List. 

There are two easy ways you can place your pre-orders, in person at market or via email.  Here's how the email ordering works:  Email me at LEWFMLOCAL@GMAIL.COM and ask to be added to the vendor email pre-order list.  Each week you will receive an email from the vendors detailing the items they have available for you to order that week.  Reply to their email, letting them know the items you wish to order, then come to market on Friday to pick up your items. 


  For a full listing of our vendors, their products, and services including:    
  • Kids & Krafts, where the kids can have loads of fun so you can leisurely shop the market
  • Many food and non-food items
  • and a list of vendors who accept credit cards
Check out our Vendors.


Produce Perks
For those who noticed the logo at the bottom of the newsletter recently and wondered what it means, here is the good news about a new program.  Produce Perks is an incentive program that is meant to encourage and help those who receive EBT (formerly known as food stamps) purchase more produce.  Produce Perks is a dollar for dollar match (up to $10), with the matching dollars used on produce.  The Produce Perks website offers the following additional information:
“Produce Perks” is an initiative modeled after a similar program in Cuyahoga County.  It is administered by OSU Extension, Hamilton County as a partnership of OSU Extension, Hamilton County; the City of Cincinnati Health Department; and the City of Cincinnati Creating Healthy Communities initiative.  Focus is on access and affordability of healthy fruits and vegetables for under-served consumers. 
Produce Perks are incentive tokens given to customers at participating farmers’ markets who use an Ohio Direction Card (“electronic benefits transfer” or EBT card) to purchase food.  A customer wishing to use their food assistance benefits can swipe their card at one central terminal, located at participating market’s information booths, and ask to withdraw a desired amount. The market provides tokens for the transaction and additional Produce Perks that can be spent on fruits and vegetables.  As the name suggests, Produce Perks are only good for purchasing fruits and vegetables.  All other tokens purchased with the Ohio Direction Card are good to use on eligible items at the market.           
Please help us spread the word about this very worthwhile program.  One way to help get the word out is to stop by the market management booth to pick up brochures to share with those you know who receive EBT benefits.  You could also leave brochures at your church, doctor or dentist's office, or any locations that would permit you to do so. 


Please share this newsletter with friends and family to help spread the word about LEWFM!

We hope to see you real soon at Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market!

Newsletter compiled by Mary A. Hutten, Market Manager