Newsletter for Friday July 7, 2017

We are now in our Summer Market season with market being held every Friday indoors 3:30 - 6:30 at Cheviot School.  

Cheviot Elementary School, 4040 Harrison Ave. 45211: 
Parking and entrance are accessed behind the school.  Take Harrison Ave. to Carrie St. to McFarran St.  You will see the Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market sign by the entrance door.  Once inside, enter through the double doors to your left and enter the gymnasium on your left.

Abundant Green Pastures Ranch
The updates below just came in from Mike and Deb of Abundant Green Pastures Ranch.  Note that they will be bringing pulled pork samples from their new supply of pork, just butchered last week.  Yummy!  

They are at market only the first Friday of each month.  To ensure you get the items you want, pre-ordering is advised because they bring only a small number of items over and above what they receive in pre-orders.  

Be sure to check out their website to learn more about the extraordinary lengths they go to in order to supply us with ultra-nutritious food, while also healing the environment.  While on their website you will see a picture of Mike's "Gator" that he uses to traverse their 120 acre ranch.  When I did my site visit to their ranch (I make farm visits prior to accepting a prospective vendor into our market) I spent three hours on the "Gator" as Mike took me on an in-depth tour of the ranch.  For more info about my farm visit, scroll down this newsletter to Archive (on the left) and click on the newsletter for Aug 28 - Sept 4.

This month we will begin selling our own pork products for the first time!  However, we continue to have some of Mahlon's pork still available (see details  in Previously Announced section).  

We will have some pulled pork to sample on July 7 made from one of the butt/shoulder roasts.  
Check out our website at
to see how the pigs are raised and what makes them so healthy.  The pigs receive 80% of their calories from pasture and rooting and 20% from non-GMO grain.  They are antibiotic and growth hormone free. 

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us:
Home:   812-637-3090.
Mike cell:  513-646-8739

See you at Market,
Mike and Deb

Julie of Capistrano Farm is available for special orders during the month of July, but will not be at the market this month. If you’d like to order a dozen scones, brownies, energy bars/balls, cornbread, or two seeded spelt loaves, please email her at

Thank You Margarita
This week we offer our thanks to Margarita Lewis, Ohio State Extensive Nutrition
Specialist.  Last week marked the final session of the first eight-week series of free cooking classes Margarita taught at our market.  If you were unable to attend the first eight-week series, don't fret because Margarita will be offering another series starting this fall.  This second series will be free and open to the public, including those who attended the first series; Margarita will be teaching an entirely different set of classes.  Stay tuned to this newsletter for updates on when the fall series will begin.

Our produce vendors are wowing customers with their ever-changing lineup of fresh produce.  It's fun to show up at market and peruse their tables to see what they harvested fresh, just for us.  I decide on what I will fix for my week's worth of meals by seeing what's available each week at our market.  What a great way to obtain the freshest and most nourishing  -  and yummy  -  foods.  And it's so simple to prepare meals when using items from our farmers' market.  Start with those fresh ingredients, add a little creativity, and enjoy the results. 

This week we will likely see Swiss chard, cucumbers, arugula, kale, and lots more.  Zucchini is also in now.  As you probably know, when zucchini comes in it usually arrives in large quantities.  Get them while they're abundant.  If you would like a few ideas on preparing them, check out the website below.  While there you will see ideas for preparing the plethora of produce in season now and what will be in as the season rolls on.  And it's not too early to start thinking about putting some up for the winter.   As soon as produce comes in in abundance it's a wise idea to plan ahead and purchase extra for freezing, canning, or dehydrating.    

Some of you are long-time readers of the newsletter; others are new to the market and are reading the newsletter for the first time.  This section is included each week to bring your attention to important happenings around the market and around town.

Each week in this newsletter I highlight one or more of our Very Valued Vendors.  This week I am highlighting one of our Very Value Customers, Clark.  I recently received an email from Clark asking that I include information in the newsletter regarding his very special request.  Following is Clark's email:  

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A LIVING KIDNEY DONOR?  My name is Clark and I’m receiving hemodialysis due
to experiencing renal failure over a year ago.  The treatments are keeping me alive but my greatest hope is to receive a kidney from a living donor.  I’m presently on the deceased donor wait list but it could take as long as three to five years to receive a transplant.  My quality of life would be enhanced if I could receive a living donor and no longer have to receive dialysis.  If you are interested, please contact the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Transplant Department at 513-584-7001.  I deeply thank you for your interest, Clark.

If you would like to contact Clark directly, simply send me an email by replying to this newsletter and I will forward your email to him.

I sincerely hope you will forward this newsletter to all on your contact list so we can help spread the word far and wide regarding Clark's very special request.  


Karen Blocher, aka Green GRRRL Wisdom, will be at market on the following dates this summer:  May 5, 19, June 2, 16, 30,  July 14, 28, August 11, 25, September 8, 22, October 6, 20. 

Tiffany Wise of The Healing Kitchen will be at market the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month throughout the summer market season.

Kirana of Nija Foods will be away for an extended time.  She will return to our market on July 14.


The first Friday of each month, Mike & Deb of Abundant Green Pastures Ranch supplies us with their 100% grass fed beef from their Red Devon heritage breed cattle, and pastured pork from Mahlon Schlabach.  This collaborative arrangement between Mike and Mahlon is more efficient for Mahlon who, being Amish, necessitated hiring a driver to bring him to market.  This arrangement is a win-win for all.  If you are on the market's pre-order list you will receive further info from Abundant Green Pastures Ranch about the beef and pork.  If you are not on the pre-order list and would like to be, please see further details below.

Pre-ordering Pays Off

Have you ever arrived at market to purchase your favorite item/s from your favorite vendor/s only to be disappointed because the vendor/s sold out of the item/s?  Did you know that no longer has to happen?  At LEWFM you can pre-order your items and pick them up any time during regular market hours.  Pre-ordering not only pays off for you, it also helps the vendors know how much to prepare/harvest, which greatly reduces waste.  Pre-ordering is a real win-win for all, and it only takes a few minutes of your time to plan ahead and place your order.  Given the importance of Eating Well, getting into the habit of placing your pre-orders each week will likely become a high priority on your weekly To Do List. 

There are two easy ways you can place your pre-orders: in person at market or via email.  Here's how the email ordering works:  Email me at LEWFMLOCAL@GMAIL.COM and ask to be added to the vendor email pre-order list.  Each market week you will receive emails from the vendors detailing the items they have available for you to order that week.  Reply to their email, letting them know the items you wish to order, then come to market on Friday to pick up your items. 


  For a full listing of our vendors, their products, and services including:    
  • Kids & Krafts, where the kids can have loads of fun so you can leisurely shop the market
  • Many food and non-food items
  • and a list of vendors who accept credit cards
Check out our Vendors.


BYOB: Bring Your Own Bags to Market
As a way to help reduce the use of plastic bags, we are asking customers to bring their own reusable bags to market.  I realize that many of you are already doing this and we very much appreciate you doing so.  For those who are not yet in the habit of grabbing a few reusable bags as you leave for market, it might take a bit of extra effort to develop this new habit.  Doing so will result in short and long term benefits.  To gain some insight into the importance of reducing the use of plastic bags, take a look at this brief video

If you don't have any reusable market bags we've got you covered.  Beginning this week I will have free reusable bags courtesy of Green Umbrella 10% Local Food Shift.  To receive your free bag, check out this link for directions for signing up for the 10% Shift.  Then, when you come to market just let me know that you've signed up for the 10% Shift campaign and I'll have a bag for you: one per customer, while supplies last.


Produce Perks
For those who noticed the logo at the bottom of the newsletter recently and wondered what it means, here is the good news about a new program.  Produce Perks is an incentive program that is meant to encourage and help those who receive EBT (formerly known as food stamps) purchase more produce.  Produce Perks is a dollar for dollar match (up to $10), with the matching dollars used on produce.  The Produce Perks website offers the following additional information:
“Produce Perks” is an initiative modeled after a similar program in Cuyahoga County.  Focus is on access and affordability of healthy fruits and vegetables for under-served consumers. 
Produce Perks are incentive tokens given to customers at participating farmers’ markets who use an Ohio Direction Card (“electronic benefits transfer” or EBT card) to purchase food.  A customer wishing to use their food assistance benefits can swipe their card at one central terminal, located at participating market’s information booths, and ask to withdraw a desired amount. The market provides tokens for the transaction and additional Produce Perks that can be spent on fruits and vegetables.  As the name suggests, Produce Perks are only good for purchasing fruits and vegetables.  All other tokens purchased with the Ohio Direction Card are good to use on eligible items at the market.           
Please help us spread the word about this very worthwhile program.  One way to help get the word out is to stop by the market management booth to pick up brochures to share with those you know who receive EBT benefits.  You could also leave brochures at your church, doctor or dentist's office, or any locations that would permit you to do so. 


Please share this newsletter with friends and family to help spread the word about LEWFM!

We hope to see you real soon at Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market!

Newsletter compiled by Mary A. Hutten, Market Manager

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