Ensuring Our Healthy Food Future Special Event

TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018 from 5:30 until 8:00 PM
Cheviot School, 4040 Harrison Ave. 45211
Parking and entrance accessible only from back of building
Directions: Harrison Ave. to Carrie St. to McFarran St. 

If you are interested in healthy food, you are invited to join us for this free, special event sponsored by Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market.  The event is meant to spur attendees into taking action to help Ensure Our Healthy Food Future.  Don't be intimidated if you think you don't know where or how to start; attending this special event is your first step.  The next steps will naturally follow.  

As you will see in the Schedule of Events (see insert below), the event starts right about dinner time, but that won't be a problem because there will be good food aplenty.    

That's right, there's no need to eat before you arrive because our newest farmers' market vendor, Peace and Love Eatery, will be sampling and selling their signature soup, salad and hummus.  Our other market vendors will be sampling and selling their products, too.  If you haven't been to our market in a while, we invite you to come back and see the new vendors and new items at this special event on Tuesday, May 1, and at each market day (see Market Schedule below).  

In addition to our farmers' market vendors, special guest vendors will be present to talk with you about various topics of interest: 

  • Grow More Food and Less Lawn; 
  • Fermenting Foods; 
  • The 4 Ps of Eating Local Year-round, Simplified: Planning, Procuring, Preserving, Preparing; 
  • OSU Extension Cooking Demos; and 
  • Produce Perks.  

The special guest vendors can help you put a plan into action to Ensure Our Healthy Food Future.  They will also be available to follow up with you after the event to offer assistance and guidance in your area/s of interest.  

After eating some yummy foods, making your purchases from our market vendors, and talking with our special guest vendors, we will view Graham Meriwether's newest film,  Farmers For America.  

We will then briefly discuss the film, leaving more time for you to again talk with the vendors.  As stated above, this evening is meant to spur attendees into taking action to help Ensure Our Healthy Food Future.  Don't be intimidated if you think you don't know where or how to start; attending this special event is your first step.  The next steps will naturally follow.

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Market Location and Schedule
Market is held inside year-round at Cheviot School, 4040 Harrison Ave. 45211, accessible only from back of building.  Directions: Harrison Ave. to Carrie St. to McFarran St. 
Winter Market 2017-2018, from 3:30 to 6:30 the first and third Fridays November through April
Summer Market 2018, from 3:30 to 6:30 every Friday May through October

It is my joy to share some very happy news with you, an update of a request from Clark that I included in previous editions of this newsletter, (see Previously Announced section).  A while back I received an email from Clark, which he asked me to share with our readers.  

"I meant to email you before now so please forgive me for not sending this sooner, but I want you to know I received a kidney transplant on December 2 and I’m doing very well.  My labs are fantastic and the kidney is functioning as it should.  Of course, part of the delay in getting this email sent has been due to my recovery process and frequent trips to the UC Transplant Clinic for follow up.  Please pardon me for being so remiss.

"I’m looking forward to coming to the Farmers Market again.  This time I’ll be able to purchase more of what I want and like as my diet isn’t as restrictive as it was when I was on hemodialysis.  In fact, I can eat what I wish, but I still prefer to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh produce, breads, cheese, etc.

"I look forward to seeing you at this year’s Farmers Market.  LEWFM is a gem in the community!"

Some of you are long-time readers of the newsletter; others are new to the market and are reading the newsletter for the first time.  This section is included to bring your attention to important happenings around the market and around town.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A LIVING KIDNEY DONOR?  My name is Clark and I’m receiving hemodialysis due
to experiencing renal failure over a year ago.  The treatments are keeping me alive but my greatest hope is to receive a kidney from a living donor.  I’m presently on the deceased donor wait list but it could take as long as three to five years to receive a transplant.  My quality of life would be enhanced if I could receive a living donor and no longer have to receive dialysis.  If you are interested, please contact the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Transplant Department at 513-584-7001.  I deeply thank you for your interest, Clark.


  For a full listing of our vendors, their products, and services including:    
  • Kids & Krafts, where the kids can have loads of fun so you can leisurely shop the market
  • Many food and essential non-food items
  • and a list of vendors who accept credit cards
Check out our Vendors.


Produce Perks
 is an incentive program that is meant to encourage and help those who receive EBT (formerly known as food stamps) purchase more produce.  Produce Perks is a dollar for dollar match (up to $20), with the matching dollars used on produce.  The Produce Perks website offers the following additional information:
"Produce Perks are incentive tokens given to customers at participating farmers’ markets who use an Ohio Direction Card (“electronic benefits transfer” or EBT card) to purchase food.  A customer wishing to use their food assistance benefits can swipe their card at one central terminal, located at participating market’s information booths, and ask to withdraw a desired amount. The market provides tokens for the transaction and additional Produce Perks that can be spent on fruits and vegetables.  As the name suggests, Produce Perks are only good for purchasing fruits and vegetables.  All other tokens purchased with the Ohio Direction Card are good to use on eligible items at the market."           

New One-Minute Video From Produce Perks

Please help us spread the word about the Produce Perks dollar for dollar match (up to $10) for customers who use their EBT card at our market.  Further details in the Previously Announced Section and in this new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj_RFN90jS8 


Please share this newsletter with friends and family to help spread the word about LEWFM!

We hope to see you real soon at Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market!

Newsletter compiled by Mary A. Hutten, Market Manager

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